House of the beloved

Our quest in one question: “In the face of death, what is worth living for?”

Following beauty, drawn to igniting and fostering selfless expressions of being human. Through a path of self-exploration and self-recognition, our spaces and tools help us dismantle internal structures (that limit how you can think, speak, feel, move, and who you can be), liberating our bodies and minds so an untethered life can reveal itself through us.

House of the beloved is a transspiritual community that gathers on the basis of shared practice rather than shared belief. We welcome all journeyers, regardless of their philosophies of life, traditions, religions, gender, or sexual orientation. Placing diversity and difference at its core, the communal life we propose is a “being-different-together and becoming-together as an expression of differences, as part of a shared process participated in differentially” (Manning & Massumi, 2014).

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The House of the beloved is a communal effort to protect loving, dying, relating, intimacy, etc … from capitalist commodification. You can support us by making a (monthly) contribution on account IBAN BE54 7370 7190 1897 (House of the beloved vzw).