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“The House of the beloved is a space in the middle of, and yet just outside, everyday reality. It is a light, warm place, where a home is created in meditation, devotion, research, music, conscious eating and exercise, good conversations and friendly togetherness. Stijn and the people around him form a community where you are met in your individuality. Here we think about the challenges of living in our society and breathe life into the alternatives.” – Jordi, resident November 2023

Welcome to The House of the Beloved, a contemporary, experimental monastery that supports children and adults in their journey towards self-discovery. Through our workshops, residencies, podcasts, mentoring, school, and existential research center, we provide a pluralistic framework for personal growth.

Our mission is to be different together.

At the House of the beloved, we take a unique and contemporary approach to existential development. We gather on the basis of shared practice rather than shared belief. All journeyers are welcome, regardless of their philosophies of life, traditions, religions, gender, or sexual orientation. At the core of our practices is being different together. Through our pluralistic frame, we invite all equally to design and discover their own way of being human.

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The House of the beloved is a communal effort to protect loving, dying, relating, intimacy, etc … from capitalist commodification. You can support us by making a (monthly) contribution on account IBAN BE54 7370 7190 1897 (House of the beloved vzw).