House of the beloved

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” – Albert Camus

At House of the Beloved, we’re dedicated to helping you become absolutely free. Our transformative practices support you in finding and expressing your own way of being human.

Fran Nino Authentic Presence


How can we deeply connect by fully being ourselves? A practice of being different together.



How can I become more intimate with myself? How to practice surrender and find inner stillness?

Unknown 3


What stops me from living the life I want to live? Let’s make your unconscious conscious, so you can break through what stops you from having what you want.

Falling Flying


How can I design and express my own way of being human, without having to do this all by myself? Want to become ourselves together?

The House of the Beloved is a contemporary, experimental monastery that supports children and adults in their journey towards self-discovery. Through our workshops, residencies, podcasts, mentoring, school, and existential research center, we provide a pluralistic framework for personal growth.

Our mission is to be different together.

At the House of the beloved, we take a unique and contemporary approach to existential development. We gather on the basis of shared practice rather than shared belief. All journeyers are welcome, regardless of their philosophies of life, traditions, religions, gender, or sexual orientation. At the core of our practices is being different together, combining authenticity and connection. Through our pluralistic frame, we invite all equally to design and discover their own way of being human.