House of the beloved

Our quest in one question: “In the face of death, what is worth living for?”

House of the beloved is a residential center for embodied philosophy (the branch of philosophy that deals with the lived experience, with how you relate to and feel about yourself, the others, and the world). The spaces, tools and activities we design aim to support participants in their search for what is real, help them break through fears, and vitalize their bodies. Through exploration, experimentation and learning about loving and dying, we mutually support and enable each other in our search for a personal expression of what it means to be human.

House of the beloved is a transspiritual community that gathers on the basis of shared practice rather than shared belief. It combines the intellectual rigor of philosophy and science with the sensual experience of spirituality and the creative expression of art.

We welcome all journeyers, regardless of their philosophies of life, traditions, religions, gender, or sexual orientation. Placing diversity and difference at its core, the communal life we propose is a “being-different-together and becoming-together as an expression of differences, as part of a shared process participated in differentially” (Manning & Massumi, 2014).

If you want to become part of this community, you can visit us, email us, support us on our crowd funding page, or listen to our podcast.