Taster Inner Sky

The “Taster Inner Sky” is a one-day meditation training where you learn various meditation techniques. First, you practice concentration and deepen self-insight through both silent and guided meditation (on a cushion). Then, through embodied and relational meditation (in movement and connection with others), you then learn how to apply these skills and insights in daily life.

We warmly welcome you to this exciting journey of self-discovery and growth.

  • Ready to start meditating but feeling overwhelmed by the sea of options from bird-spotting-meditation to manifest-my-BMW-meditation?
  • Have you been sitting on your meditation cushion for 20 years but are you still a jerk?
  • Have you hit a ceiling after years of intense meditation and can’t seem to break through it?
  • Are you “blissed out” after various tantra festivals and wild screaming sessions, but still have no idea what the spiritual path or meditation is really about?
  • Do you get itchy with airy-fairy spirituality but still want to understand yourself and your mind better?
  • Are you an experienced meditator and want to explore Mahamudra and Dzogchen?
  • Are you a yoga or tantra teacher wanting to put meditation at the heart of your practice?
  • Think you’re already enlightened but puzzled why life is still so difficult and why no one understands you?
  • Do you talk a lot about non-dualism, being one with God, and everything being love, but still feel like strangling yourself – in the form of the other?

Then you’re in the right place.


Disciplining your mind and recognizing yourself to your deepest essence with the question: who am I?

Without practice, our minds can drift (up to 50% of the day!) into daydreams, distractions, and reactions to irrelevant stimuli. This often manifests as spontaneous, self-referential thoughts, memories, anticipations, and imaginings, mostly without metacognitive awareness (think constant thinking, self-criticism, or incessant worry about the state of the world). It reduces both your productivity and your well-being (Buckner et al., 2008; Gurnard & Raichle, 2001; Killingsworth & Gilbert, 2010; Smallwood & Schooler, 2006).

Meditation improves your concentration and provides deeper self-insight. It’s like mental kung-fu: maintaining inner stillness by not identifying with attractive thoughts and enticing emotions. The simplicity of “not doing” has a transformative impact: in that inner silence, you learn to control your autonomic nervous system and access increasingly subtle nuances in the experience of yourself and reality, and how you can influence that experience.

The exercises are derived from Mahamudra (Great Seal), Dzogchen (Great Perfection), Zen Buddhism, and Tantric Shaivism. We work with a “pointing out” style. Our method involves short, intense meditations based on detailed instructions, with opportunities for personal feedback in between. You’ll have space to share your experiences and ask questions.

How can you apply the insights and presence you practice during your silent meditation to your daily life?

Fran Nino Authentic Presence

Training yourself to maintain your concentration and inner silence in daily life and in connection with others.

Meditation is not about sitting in ecstasy on your cushion. In a second phase, you want to fully embody your new insights and your altered experience of yourself in your daily life. But how do you do that when everything around you distracts you and there are many emotions that make you react?

With relational meditation (also known as authentic presence), you practice staying fully and sensitively present in contact with others. You allow yourself to be affected by what is happening around you and embody and express what is within you. It’s an exercise in “being with what is” without trying to change or avoid anything. It challenges you to take ownership of your experience: what desire for a particular feeling or clinging to a certain self-image makes it difficult to simply be with what is?

  • What meditation is and how to practice it
  • Techniques to achieve inner calm and silence
  • How your mind works
  • How to deal with difficult thoughts and emotions
  • How to see through your conceptual stories and conditioning
  • Ways to apply your new experiences and insights to daily life

AS: “Wow, what a transformative experience. The meditation techniques from this training come from a unique lineage and are completely different and much more intense than other “meditations” I know, which often boil down to ‘Do nothing.’ I experienced what it’s like to observe sensations, thoughts, and emotions without being distracted or carried away by them. And how it is to see myself and the world from a more realistic perspective. In my daily life, I am constantly applying these meditation techniques and I notice that I feel sharper, calmer, and freer, with a new appreciation and contentment with life as it is, without the urge to change things. Only now do I realize how much I was actually driven by unconscious impulses. This was just the very first step and I can’t wait to delve deeper into these techniques under Stijn’s guidance.”

MK: “My first experience with a meditation training at House of the Beloved was incredibly inspiring. I was looking for depth in my practice and found exactly what I needed, thanks to the many insights from the Dzogchen and Mahamudra traditions. What made this experience truly unique was the atmosphere that Stijn managed to create: a safe and inviting environment where everyone could open up and share experiences. The friendliness of the group enhanced this warm experience. Additionally, the food was very well arranged. I am eagerly looking forward to the next session and would recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn to meditate.”

  • Location: Hollendewagenweg 20, 3985 SG Werkhoven, NL – Samaya
  • Cost: Choose an amount between €97 and €167 (includes an organic vegetarian lunch)
  • Registration: Transfer the chosen amount to the account of House of the Beloved: IBAN BE54 7370 7190 1897 (with your name and “Taster Inner Sky 23 June” as the reference) and send an email to inschrijven@houseofthebeloved.eu.
  • Duration: Four weekends (always Friday 8pm till Sunday 5pm), with interim online check-ins, weekly sharing sessions with a buddy, and the option for one-on-one guidance.
    • October 25-27
    • December 13-15
    • February 7-9
    • March 28-30
  • Location: Heerlijckhyt van Elsmeren, Weg op Halen 2, 3450 Geetbets, Belgium
  • Cost: Total €3100
    • Training: €1600 (€400 per weekend)
    • Accommodation and meals: €1500 (€375 per weekend for a single room)
  • Registration: Transfer the total amount to the account of House of the Beloved: IBAN BE54 7370 7190 1897 (with your name and “Inner Sky October 2024” as the reference) and send an email to inschrijven@houseofthebeloved.eu.