Shadow work

To surrender completely, to get lost in your laughter, to be taken over by intense sadness or exuberant joy. What is holding you back? Maybe you don’t allow yourself to experience life so intensely. Your most vital energies may be kept secret, locked away. Dancing with shadows brings them back. You learn to shift old patterns, transform anger into agency, sadness into connection with yourself and others, and fear into insight and understanding.


A shadow is a part of yourself you’d rather not own (like your jealousy, your destructiveness, or unacceptable sexual desire) or a forgotten dream. When a shadow is suppressed, it shows up unexpectedly and out of your control. Have you ever promised yourself not to turn into any of your family member (father, mother,…)? Do you sometimes find yourself acting or speaking like them anyway, unable to control it? That’s a shadow. Do you sometimes meet someone new and without apparent reason you feel irritated or repulsed? There it is.

Shadow Dancing

The purpose of Shadow dancing is to make your shadows conscious. By becoming aware of them, they lose their control over you and can be transformed into a constructive and integrated part of yourself. The purpose is not to get rid of shadows, but to understand why that part of you is a shadow and what positive qualities are buried underneath.

Shadow dancing is an adventurous expedition into your conscious and unconscious inner landscape. Together we’ll move over mountain ridges, spelunk into dark chambers, dismantle the beaver dam that blocks the fresh mountain water, and possibly slaughtering a sleazy hyena. Throughout the process, we reconnect with old friends, relive forgotten memories, and return more alive.

Shadow dancing is a metaphor, a method for balancing and reorganizing the different persona’s or voices inside yourself. Dancing can be part of it, but this is not a dance workshop.