A typical day

House of the beloved is a space that invites you to fully express, where the usual pressures of time, money, beauty, happiness, health and normalcy are absent. Where the craziness of your calling can come to full fruition, with the single limitation that you make it possible for the others too.

We have created a tentative daily rhythm including meditation, study, work, experimentation, cooking, eating, karma yoga, body practices, music and dance (see below). Practices and schedules tend to work for some people some of the times for some things. You can choose what is needed for you, though we propose to minimally join the morning and evening ceremony, so you stay in tune with the community. If you don’t join the practices, we expect you not to interfere with others that do, and just be in your room in silence.

Let’s schedule a 30 min call to explore together what this place can be for you.

0540waking up guests
0600silent sit
0630body practice (martial arts, yoga)
0700breath work (pranayama) & uccara practice
0730morning ceremony & dance
0830karma yoga
1200circling meditation
1800music & dance meditation
1830simple dinner
1900Monday free
Tuesday: authentic relating & circling
Wednesday: meditation
Thursday: closed group practice
Friday: music, dance, kirtan, whirling
2200evening ceremony
2230silence till after breakfast

The House of the beloved is located in Brussels on an urban mountain top. We welcome existential researchers that want to experiment with different ways of being human and participate in experimental practices. If you are interested in a visit, a retreat, or just to stay here for a while, let’s schedule a talk. We look forward to hearing from you.