Resurrection ritual and open house (31/3 from 10:30)

As nature is resurrecting from winter and death into spring and aliveness, we warmly welcome you for a resurrection ritual  that guides us from death to life, shedding old skin that no longer serves us, birthing a fresh mind and body that can welcome the new and unknown.

House of the beloved opens its doors on Sunday 9th of April from 10:30am. 

The program:

10:30: arrival

11:00: resurrection ritual

13:00: sharing food and drinks (potluck, please bring some foods and some drinks)

15:00: open space, share a performance-in-progress, a dance, a song, or any other proposals

We look forward to seeing you here. Please bring some foods and drinks to share. If you want to join the ritual, please be there a bit before 11am.

Let us know if you can make it and when you will arrive by sending us an email. Warm hug!