ressurection retreat

resurrection retreat

As nature is resurrecting from winter and death into spring and aliveness, join us for a transformational journey from death to life, shedding old skin that no longer serves us, birthing a fresh mind and body that can welcome the new and unknown.

Tentative schedule:

Wednesday: arrival and welcome

Thursday: authentic presence, feet washing ritual

Friday: dying practice, mourning the dead

Saturday: silence and solitude, bardo

Saturday evening: kindling the fire, resurrection, beginning celebration

Sunday: celebrating the new life, open house, food (potluck)-performances-dance


Wednesday 05/04/2023, 5pm- Sunday 9/04/2023, late afternoon


In Brussels (Laken)


Shared costs of the living space, electricity, water, and food (i.e., 20 euro for a day, 20 euro for a night, and 20 euro for food). The working space becomes a sleeping dorm. We can provide you with a mattress, a pillow, and a duvet.

Money should not be a reason to not come. If it is, please get in touch.


Ideally you commit to the full period. Part-time participation is possible depending on the number of full-time commitments.

Want to join?

Send us an email introducing yourself and tell us how you would like to participate (full time, part-time, what days,…).