Ressurection Retreat

resurrection retreat

As nature is resurrecting from winter and death into spring and aliveness, join us for a transformational journey from death to life, shedding old skin that no longer serves us, birthing a fresh mind and body that can welcome the new and unknown.

Tentative schedule:

Wednesday: arrival and welcome

Thursday: authentic presence, feet washing ritual

Friday: dying practice, mourning the dead

Saturday: silence and solitude, bardo

Saturday evening: kindling the fire, resurrection, beginning celebration

Sunday: celebrating the new life, open house, food (potluck)-performances-dance


Wednesday 27/03/2024, 5pm- Sunday 31/03/2024, late afternoon


In Brussels (Laken)


Our first aim is to build a community of existential journeyers at the House of the beloved. To make it practically work, we also have to talk about exchange. For this retreat we ask a contribution, be it in money (sliding scale between €250 and €750, to be paid on account IBAN BE54 7370 7190 1897 (tav House of the beloved vzw) or exchange of time or services (please contact us to come to an agreement). All contributions are used to build up and sustain the House of the beloved (including rent, utilities, furniture, and food).


Ideally you commit to the full period. Part-time participation is possible depending on the number of full-time commitments.

What to bring?

Try to bring as little as possible. House of the beloved invites you to embrace simplicity. Only bring what you absolutely need. We have blankets and sheets for you. Each guest has the opportunity to store personal stuff into one cubicle (33x38x33 cm). All other luggage will be stored in the hallway.

Want to join?

Send us an email introducing yourself and tell us how you would like to participate (full time, part-time, what days,…).