monk for a week – spring retreat

The monastic life we propose is a technology of ecstacy and self-expression, perfectionised throughout centuries by monks and hermits. These practices help develop an intimacy with your own body and mind, giving access to a more intense and sensual experience of life, a deeper connection with oneself, and new ways of loving and dying.

Join us for a week of alternating extremes and productive paradoxes, including periods of silence and solitude to intensify connection and speech, stillness and containment to allow for eruptions of vitality in dance and music, and practices of selflessness to gain access to full self-expression. Please read our intuitions to get a full sense of the practices and togetherness we propose.

We follow a rhythm of meditation, ritual, collective and individual body practices, eating, studying, working, and looking out over the city (click here for our schedule).

You can bring work, or completely disconnect from your regular life.



Everyone who is interested in living for a week as a monk at the house of the beloved.


not yet planned


In Brussels (Laken)


Shared costs of the living space, electricity, water, and food (i.e., 20 euro for a day, 20 euro for a night, and 20 euro for food). The working space becomes a sleeping dorm. We can provide you with a mattress, a pillow, and a duvet.

Money should not be a reason to not come. If it is, please get in touch.


Ideally you commit to the full period. Part-time participation is possible depending on the number of full-time commitments.

Want to join?

Send us an email introducing yourself and tell us how you would like to participate (full time, part-time, what days,…).