Mxn circle

A mxn circle is a space where people that identify mostly as male support, hold, confront, and question each other. A protected moment to touch your fears, relive old memories, recognise yourself in the stories of other men, and to find brotherhood in shared hopes and pains.

Do you feel that you lack direction in your life? Are you unable to reach the goals you set for yourself? Are you dissatisfied with your life? Does your relationship not give you the (sexual) fulfilment you need? Do you want to share with other men and hear an honest opinion about your issue? Do you wonder what it means to be a man in the light of feminism and queerness? If you answer any of these questions with a yes, you may find yourself at home in this circle.

Dates and activities vary. If you’re interested, send us an email, and we’ll add you to the mailinglist.

(Below, some images of our last weekend location)