Men circle

A men circle is a gathering of men that come together to support each other in clarifying their life’s mission, and breaking through fears and dysfunctional patterns that prevent them from living accordingly.

Do you feel that you lack direction in your life? Are you seeking for a hiding place when your woman starts menstruating? Are you unable to reach the goals you set for yourself? Are you dissatisfied with your life? Does your relationship not give you the (sexual) fulfilment you need? Do you want to share with other men and hear an honest opinion about your issue? If you answer any of these questions with a yes, you may find what you need in this circle.

The agenda of the circle is always free. We start with sharing what each man wants to have happen for himself in this circle. Based on what is needed, together we design the rest of the evening.

When? Suspended because of corona-measures. Normally every second Tuesday of the month from 19:30 till approximately 21:30. Gatherings have no fixed location. They can vary depending on who’s participating.