image by Giovanni Calla

love bootcamp

To love is (also) to suffer. No exceptions. Most of us try to find an easy way out. We build up resistance and defensiveness, project our own responsibilities onto the other, and make elaborate stories to help us ignore what is really happening. In the end it makes us suffer more.

This workshop will help you suffer better. Through radical honesty, owning your experiences, and breaking through your bullsh*t stories, we gently support you in becoming more intimate with your own body and needs, more transparent and vulnerable in your communication, and more sensitive and attuned in your touch.

A love bootcamp is an intense weekend to reset your romantic relationship and make it more authentic and juicy.


Intro sessions:

  • currently none planned


  • June 17,  10am till 5pm


  • intro session: 25 euro per person
  • day: weekend: 120 euro per couple/dyad. Poly-amorous constellations are welcome, though we recommend to participate with each dyad separately.

(Money should not stop you from coming. Please email us and ask for a tailored price)

Venue: Emile Bockstaellaan in Laeken, Brussels

Food: We provide a simple, vegan lunch. Please let us know about other food requirements. In as far as possible, we will try to take them into account.

Booking: For registration and more information, please send us an email (only 6 dyads).


To love means to expand yourself to allow the others and yourself to express fully. To accept and welcome everything, without conditions. Not to shape someone around your own needs, but like a rock yields to the chisel, make yourself porous and absorbent to their touch, being so intimately vulnerable that it will cut away your dead flesh. In this constant flux of change, trust that what is cut, is not you. It was dead already, and only ballast. (Iris Murdoch, Judith Butler, Alain Badiou, Rainer Maria Rilke, Khalil Gibran)

(image by Giovanni Calla)