Fran Nino Authentic Presence

Authentic presence (authentic relating, circling)

Welcome seekers of deep connection!

Authentic presence is a technology of self-exploration and relating that creates transparency and intimacy by exposing your inner experience with radically owned honesty to others. It combines 1)¬†carefully noticing the elements that create your experience (e.g., sensations, thoughts, feelings), 2) taking ownership of them, and 3) exposing/disclosing them to others, without expecting any particular response.¬†It’s a simple but radical practice, that can quickly lead to deep connection, authentic presence, and transformative self-insight.

Beginners: Tuesday evening 7pm-10pm

Join these beginner sessions if you are searching for deep connection, and want to learn some basic techniques (from authentic relating and circling) that can support you. Activities may include meditations (to connect to yourself, your body and the other), structured dialogues (in pairs or small groups), exercises about sharing and owning your experience, and much more.There are no prerequisites for these sessions. Just show up as you are. There’s a contribution of 15 euro.

Register via email or meetup