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Buried alive

Buried alive is a practice of dying before we die. When we are able to let go of all qualifications, all stories about ourselves and the world, our fears and preferences become groundless. It opens the gate for a deeper calling: that a life may be revealed through our bodies and minds.

A skillful death brings life. We learn to live life dangerously: fearless and in complete surrender to love.

In this ritual, you’ll set an intention, remember your life, accept the end, enter into your grave, be buried, surrender, access a liminal space, take off, soar through your inner sky, see and listen, hear from afar a voice that calls you back, a touch, the first light, a new breath, a new body. 

A tentative schedule can look like this:

  • 10u: arrival
  • 10:30: welcome and explanation
  • 11u: start ritual
  • 15u: end ritual, integration and a light meal (ending time depends on the length of your time in bardo, that is under the ground. We decide this together before the ritual starts)
  • 17u: end of the session

We warmly recommend you to combine this with a personal retreat arriving the night before (21:30), leaving the morning after. This will give you an optimal time for preparation and integration. More info you find here.

This ritual can be done individually or in a small group of up to three people.

Price depends on your income:

  • 400 euro (low to middle income, including BTW for private clients, excluding BTW for clients with invoice)
  • 650 euro (middle to high income, including BTW for private clients, excluding BTW for clients with invoice)
  • 850 euro (for businesses and organisations, BTW excluded).

All income goes to the House of the beloved (a non profit) and can be transferred to account number IBAN BE54 7370 7190 1897 (tav House of the beloved vzw)

Feel free to contact us with any questions. If the lowest price is still challenging for you, let’s talk about another way to exchange.

We look forward to burying you.

(image and video with gratitude to Gabriel Beck)