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Authentic relating and circling day

Welcome seekers of deep connection!

Have you ever desired deeper and more authentic connections with yourself, your friends and family, but not knowing how to do it? Do you sometimes censor parts of yourself in important relationships? Do you sometimes experience a relationship or yourself as unreal, hidden, masked, or superficial?

This day will give you basic tools to deepen your connections and get real with the people you care about. Activities may include meditations (to connect to yourself, your body and the other), structured dialogues (in pairs or small groups), exercises about sharing and owning your experience, and much more. No experience required. Just show up as you are.

How would the day look like?

We start with connecting to ourselves and our bodies, through silence, breath, and movement. Only when we are in touch with what is happening inside us can we express ourselves truthfully.

Next, we start observing and sharing our experiences in connection with others, using phrases like “Being with you I notice…” and “Hearing you say this, I notice…”. Through a practice of radically owned honesty, it becomes possible to fully express ourselves without harming others, thereby being completely transparent and honest, and at the same time nurturing the connection.

It’s a simple but radical practice, that can quickly lead to deep connection, authentic presence, and transformative self-insight. Great tools to improve your friendships, romantic relationships, and live life closer to yourself.


Stijn Smeets. Trained as a psychologist, shadow worker, classical tantrik, monk, scientist, death dula, violinist and singer, Stijn combines techniques and insight from eastern and western wisdom traditions, philosophy, and science to create learning environments that are transformative, radical, honest, and confronting, and simultaneously supportive, caring, safe, and nurturing. More about his intuitions you can read here.


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At the House of the beloved, Emile Bockstaellaan, 1020 in Laken


Sliding price range, from €80€ to €120 (reference price is €95). You can register by sending us an email and transferring the money to account IBAN BE44 7370 5359 2745. Let money not be the reason for you not to come. Please talk to us about where you are.


We provide a simple lunch with soup and bread. Feel free to bring your own lunch or something to share.


Don’t hesitate to contact us.