Existentiële reizigers

Are you thirsty for a profound intellectual and existential challenge? Are you curious about exploring diverse facets of human existence, experimenting with the essence of being alive, or perhaps indulging in some existential kink?

As an existential journeyer at the House of the Beloved, you’re invited to bring your eclectic, creative, and spiritual/existential research questions. We provide a unique existential research setting that blends fresh critical thinking with warm support and encouragement. The journey kicks off and concludes with weekends at the House of the Beloved, complemented by weekly group calls for shared learning and practice. Individual coaching opportunities are also available.

In this journey, we collectively support each other in pursuing personal research lines and idiosyncratic existential paths—a practice of being different together.

Existential research involves the embodied exploration and systematic experimentation of various experiences of being alive and human. These experiments aim to reveal or alter internalized power structures (inspired by Foucault) that shape our thinking, feeling, speaking, and moving.

Unlike traditional scientific research, which aims for objective/declarative knowledge, existential research primarily yields experiences and procedural (“how to”) knowledge. It designs spaces and incubators that foster unconventional and atypical subjective experiences, fostering self-knowledge and self-recognition from a first-person perspective.

Explore our research center: Existential Research Center

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Welcome to your intellectual and existential reset.

Every weekend starts Friday at 7:30pm and ends Sunday at 5pm. The ending of a cycle is also the beginning of the next cycle.

Next closing/starting weekends: 19-21/1, 3-5/5, 13-15/9
Bi-weekly online meeting: Thursday 20-21h

Our first aim is to build a community of existential researchers in the House of the beloved. To make it practically work, we also have to talk about exchange. A first cycle costs €1450, subsequent cycles cost €950 (to be paid on account IBAN BE54 7370 7190 1897, house of the beloved vzw). If money is an issue, you can also choose for an exchange of time or services (please contact us to come to an agreement). In addition, optional individual coaching can be scheduled here. All contributions are used to build up and sustain the House of the beloved.

The aim is to gather a small group of 6 to 8 people.

We look forward to meeting you!