Voices in the dark

In Ancient Greece, incubation was a widespread practice to find healing or guidance from the gods. Attended by the lords of the lair (phôlarchos), seekers would gather in darkness and lie down, like an animal in hibernation, in utter stillness (hêsichia) doing absolutely nothing, until they could let go of all wanting, even wanting something to happen. And then … the gods started whispering.

This research line wants to reactivate this old tradition. Based on the writings of ancient (Parmenides, Empedocles, Pythagoras) and contemporary (Kingsley, etc.) authors, and inspired by other traditions that include darkness practices, we will design and experiment with darkness and inertia as tools to induce altered states of consciousness, including trance.

First experiment: Friday 2 till Sunday 4 December

Email us if you’d like to join.