Circling Immersion

Circling is a technology of self-exploration and relating that creates transparency and intimacy by exposing your inner experience with radical honesty to others. It combines 1) carefully noticing the constituents of your experience (e.g., sensations, thoughts, feelings), 2) taking ownership of them, and 3) exposing/disclosing them to others, without expecting any particular response.

This circling immersion investigates the long term experiential impact of this methodology. With a group of 10 advanced circlers we will live together and apply these (radical) principles of circling during two weeks. Our research questions include:

  1. How does circling impact our sense of self and our experience of the body?
  2. Does a circling space allow all participants to fully express themselves? How does differences in privilege influence accessibility of self-leadership?
  3. How to mediate the risks of “performing” authenticity and self-censoring jargon?



Everyone who is trained or is in training to become a circling leader (i.e., SAS or any similar training) or has equivalent experience in circling.


August 15 (2022), 2pm till August 27 (2022), 2pm


Shared costs of the living space, electricity, water, and food (i.e., 15 euro for a day, 15 euro for a night, and 20 euro for food). The working space becomes a sleeping dorm. We can provide you with a mattress and a pillow. Please bring sheets and blankets.

Money should not be a reason to not come. If it is, please get in touch.


Ideally you commit to the full period. Part-time participation is possible depending on the number of full-time commitments.

A potential schedule (open for co-creation):

  • 07:00 silent sit (optional)
  • 07:30 tea ceremony and waking up the body (optional)
  • 08:00 breakfast
  • 09:00 open time (circling, working, free,…)
  • 12:00 free time
  • 12:30 lunch
  • 14:00 open time (circling, working, free,…)
  • 18:00 food preparation/free time
  • 19:00 dinner
  • 21:00 open time (circling, working, free,…)
  • 22:30 meditation, gratitude, singing
  • 23:00 silence till breakfast

Want to join?

Send us an email introducing yourself, your motivation, and how you would like to participate (full time, part-time, what days,…).