Existential research

Do you crave a deep intellectual and existential challenge? Are you curious about exploring diverse facets of human existence, experimenting with the essence of life, or perhaps even enjoying some existential “kink”?

As an existential researcher, you are invited to bring your eclectic, creative, and spiritual/existential research questions. We offer a unique research environment that combines sharp and fresh critical thinking with warm support and encouragement. Together, we collectively support each other in pursuing personal research themes and unconventional existential paths – an exercise in being different together.


Existential research involves the embodied exploration of and systematic experimentation with various experiences of being human and being alive. These experiments aim to reveal and/or alter internalized structures (inspired by Foucault) that limit what we can think, feel, how we can speak and move, and who we can be.

Unlike traditional (quantitative) scientific research, which aims for objective/declarative knowledge, existential research primarily yields experiential and procedural (“how to”) knowledge. It designs spaces and incubators that promote unconventional and atypical subjective experiences. This leads to self-knowledge and self-recognition from a first-person perspective.