Existential accompaniment

Being on a path of existential development can be lonely, especially if you are unwilling to give up your intellectual autonomy and your sensual intuitions.

This existential accompaniment welcomes creative and autonomous (existential) seekers. We can provide you with spaces, tools and activities that support your search for what is real, help you break through fears, and vitalize your body. Through exploration, experimentation and learning about loving and dying, we support you in your search for a personal expression of what it means to be human.

Using techniques from western and eastern (embodied) philosophy, performance, improvisation, storytelling, ritual, myth, martial art and music therapy, we support you in exposing your ideas about yourself and the world, allowing for a deeper self-recognition and a more intense experience of being alive.


I also follow students who want to start with meditation or who already have an advanced practice in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism (Mahamudra, Dzogchen) and Tantric Shaivism (Trika, Kaula, Krama lineages).