Online taster meditation and authentic presence (free)

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In this meditation training, you enhance your concentration and gain a deeper self-insight. The essence of the training is a form of mental kung fu: maintaining inner stillness by not identifying with enticing thoughts and appealing emotions. The simplicity of “non-doing” has a transformative impact: in that inner silence, you learn to master your autonomic nervous system and gain access to ever more subtle nuances in the experience of yourself and reality, and how you can influence that experience.

Authentic presence

Authentic presence means being available, open to the immediacy of the moment, simultaneously moving and being moved, touching and being touched. A sensual dance at the interstices between inside and outside, self and other, between venturing out and welcoming in, like interfering waves in an ocean, seamlessly dissolving into each other, effortlessly returning to their singularities. Authenticity here doesn’t require a “unique essence” or a “real, true core”. It is rather the absence of such a core that makes resistance or separation groundless and brings forth a vibrant void through which an untethered life can reveal itself.

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