Meditation training

Location: House of the beloved, Emile Bockstaellaan 22, 1020 Laken

Img 6619In this meditation training, you enhance your concentration and gain a deeper self-insight. The essence of the training is a form of mental kung fu: maintaining inner stillness by not identifying with enticing thoughts and appealing emotions. The simplicity of “non-doing” has a transformative impact: in that inner silence, you learn to master your autonomic nervous system and gain access to ever more subtle nuances in the experience of yourself and reality, and how you can influence that experience.

The exercises originate from Mahamudra (great seal), Dzogchen (great perfection), Zen Buddhism, and tantric Shaivism.

You will learn:

  • what meditation is and how to practice it
  • techniques to achieve inner calm and stillness
  • how your mind works
  • dealing with challenging thoughts and emotions
  • seeing through conceptual stories and conditioning
  • ways to apply your new experiences and insights in everyday life

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