Sexuality as spirituality


Sexuality is a drive, a desire, an instinct, a connecting and creative force. At the apotheosis of sexual explosion, the body surrenders, opens up, and we become nakedly present with each other. 

The actions of sexuality (gaze, touch, smell, movement, penetration, and more) can be performed without much practice or skill. We can have many sexual encounters without much happening other than orgasm (if at all) and release. Similar to meditators who spend long years on their cushion, without much happening other than relaxation.

Sexuality becomes a transformative, existential path when it leads to increased intimacy with the present moment (to stay fully available to the sensual immediacy – parallel to concentration meditation), and enables a shift in perspective or basis of operation (completely surrendering to the liveliness of sexual ecstasy, annihilating the observer, soaring through an inner sky, becoming sky – parallel to insight meditation).

It is an art of presence, connection, and self-recognition. A delicate discernment between what to keep close and what to lay aside, not searching for sensual fulfilment, but catapulting oneself into the embrace of the infinite.