Call for seekers/aspirant monks that want to be different together

This is a call for journeyers who want to follow their own eclectic, creative spiritual/existential path, while being supported by a community of fellow seekers as a way of being different together.

There will be a starting and ending weekend at the House of the beloved. We’ll have weekly group calls to share and practice together, and there is an opportunity for individual coaching.

The first weekend we expose ourselves to different practices, and support each other in clarifying our personal intentions and the practices you want to experiment with. In subsequent calls, we share insights, doubts, inspirations, discoveries, and ask from the group the support or feedback you need or want. In the ending weekend, you have an opportunity to share your journey, and potentially share some practices.

For more details or inspiration, go here:

Are you interested? Please get in touch. The aim is to gather a small group of 6 to 8 people. Together we will set the dates for the weekends and the shared group calls.

Looking forward to meeting you.

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