Month: July 2023

All the wrong places

(image by Ariel Leshinsky) I have searched for you in all the wrong places in the body with all the channels openmy skin on fire, my breath like an oceanbut we met when my body crumbled with painnot to comfort, just to show I am not my body in the warmth of love and brotherhoodwhen all the […]

You sanctify my work

Any disappointment exposes the delusion that happiness and fulfilment are situated in the future, if particular conditions are met. When things don’t go according to plan, and all my expectations remain unfulfilled, this is what saint Francis would call the “perfect joy”: a beautiful opportunity to practice gratitude in the face of adversity or disaster.

Stop using language and you cease to exist

Most of our thoughts and experiences are verbal. Expressed in language, investigated by language, projected through language. It is language that differentiates me from my environment. Without it, I coincide with my experience, the distinction inside-outside disappears, I cease to be a subject, and whatever happens is without personal meaning, because meaning is a concept. 

On being a monk

At the core of life as a monk is the inexorable willingness to be fully available, to stand naked at the edge of our awareness and let ourselves be devoured by the moment.

Pain as a portal

This uninvited companion that we are required to befriend, willingly or unwillingly, it doesn’t matter. It is an intimate relationship with the unknown and the unpredictable, accepting and listening to what is there, wanting it -so paradoxically- as a practice of gratitude for life itself.